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Airport Information

Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields
This site lists abandoned airfields by state, providing histories, photos and aeronautical charts.
AirNav: Airport Information
This site allows the user to search for airport information by identifier, airport name, city name, or geographic coordinates. The search results in a report which provides the location, ownership, use, operations, communications, services, and runway information about that particular airport. All of this information can also be found in the Airport/Facilities Directory which is located in Reference (TL 726.2 .A47 region).
Airport / Facility Directory
Digital version of the Airport/Facility Directory covering the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Pacific Territories. Links are provided to other free online products such as Geodetic Calculations, Chart User's Guide, VFR Chart Bulletins, DACS Change Notice, etc.
Airport Activity Statistics of Certificated Air Carriers Summary Tables
Provides summary statistics of U.S. aircraft departures, enplaned passengers and freight/mail by airline, by state and by airport.
Airport Advisory Circulars
Provides fulltext of FAR Part 150 advisory circulars, including new airport AC's and draft AC's. Search by airport topic or scroll through a numerical list. Links provided to other airport sites.
Airport Codes
Mapping.com provides IATA (3-letter) codes for public and private airports worldwide. Links provided to military base airfields, ICAO codes and an explanation of the history and practice of assigning codes. NOTE: Scroll past the "Check Flight Status" section to arrive at the airport code search interface.
Airport Financial Reports by CATS
CATS: Compliance Activity Tracking System gives the revenues and expenditures at U.S. airports as reported to DOT on Forms 5100-126 and -127. You may search by region, state, airport or fiscal year.
Airport Guides
What to do if you have a few hours between flights at over 50 major U.S. and foreign airports. Provides terminal layout, transportation information, an airport map, and links to the airport web site.
Airport Taxi Diagrams
Regularly updated airport taxi diagrams are presented for more than 330 of the busiest towered airports. Search by airport identifier, name, or city. Links are provided to runway incursion websites.
Airport Wildlife Mitigation
General information on bird strikes and other wildlife hazards at airports, focusing on control and research and development. Links to manuals, statistics, FAA Certalerts and Advisory Circulars, training opportunities and jobs. Provides access to the National Wildlife Strike Database - ONLINE.
Airports Council International
Representing over 1600 airports in 175 countries, the ACI site presents news, events and publications of interest to airport operating authorities. Click on "Data Centre" to see a ranking of the world's busiest airports. To access ACI-North America, please visit http://www.aci-na.org.
American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)
This site provides information on both AAAE and the International Association of Airport Executives (IAAE) as well as data on job opportunities, upcoming conferences, legislative issues relating to airports, and AAAE publications such as Airport Magazine.
Florida Airports: Aviation Data and Forecasts
Full text documents and statistics provide an overview of Florida statewide operations and enplanements plus other commercial service and general aviation data (historical and forecast).
National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems
Published every two years, the NPIAS includes a narrative portion, a list of NPIAS airports with 5-year forecast activity and development cost, and state and territory maps of NPIAS airports.
Part 139 Airport Certification
Provides information and links regarding revised FAR Part 139. Included is a link to the Final Rule which details the FAA's intent in its preamble.
Runway Safety Program
Sponsored by the FAA, this site promotes runway safety through the publication of full text reports, conference papers, and other items dealing with runway incursions. Safety is viewed from the perspectives of the pilot, ATC personnel and ground workers. Statistics regarding incursions and pilot deviations are included.
Security Central
Solutions for safer airports. Sponsored by the American Association of Airport Executives, this site provides a collection of resources on developments in airport security including legislation, Congressional testimony, FAR updates, articles, etc. Must be a member to access 'Alerts & Notices'; all other categories accessible to non-members.
Online sectional charts. Hold the cursor over "Charts" at the top of the page to view available Terminal Area Charts, Helicopter Route Charts and other miscellaneous charts, or click on a sectional chart.
Terminal Area Forecasts
The FAA Office of Aviation Policy and Plans produces Terminal Area Forecasts (TAF) which provides both historical and forecast statistics for enplanements and operations at U.S. airports. Click on "Query Data," then "Facility," then "Detail Report." Choose the years of coverage, then type in your airport's 3-letter code or choose your airport from the list provided. Click on "Run Report" to view enplanements, operations, and based aircraft. Or, click on Download Report , then "Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) > Reports" to view Summary reports.
World Airports Database
The World Airports Database provides links to more than 450 airport websites in over 50 countries. You may search by country, by U.S. state, by airport name, or by airport code.


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