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Aviation Database Websites

  • ADN - FindAircraft.com  A huge aircraft search portal with over 10,000 aircraft listings from over 1800 aircraft dealers and private sellers.  Also features aviation services and resources.
  • Aero Database  A free aviation database with information on aircraft, airlines, airports, clubs, and much more.  Whether you're a pilot, mechanic, jet-fuel addict, researching an assignment, or just an enthusiast, there will be something for you.
  • Aerofiles Source of cost-free reference material for aviation historians, researchers, writers, and scholars.  More than 10,000 types of U S aircraft, their models, their specifications and data, and informative text.
  • AeroLink  An on-line searchable database with thousands of aviation links.  Search by keyword or company name
  • Aerospace Industries Association  The aerospace statistics page lists downloadable .pdf files with general statistics, areospace and aviation employment and wages, aircraft production, orders, and backlog.  Also, a good list of links to aerospace statistics from outside sources.
  • AeroTransport Data Bank  An online service providing detailed fleet lists of 9,000+ airlines wordwide, with individual airframes histories, airlines background, airports data, and more.
  • AIA Aerospace Statistics  Aerospace Industries Association's Aerospace Research Center has compiled and released its production group statistics.  These statistics highlight aerospace industry orders, shipments and backlog, and include additional summaries for commercial jet transport aircraft and helicopter manufacturing.
  • AIA State by State Aerospace Statistics  Search for employment, payroll, average wages, and the number of aerospace establishments (plants) in each U.S. state as well as selected metropolitan statistical areas.  The information comes from Bureau of Labor Statistics databases.
  • Air Track Home of Rotor Roster Publisher of Rotor Roster, a listing of over 22,000 helicopters world-wide.  Records research for aircraft manufacturers, dealers and brokers, after-market manufacturers, insurance companies.
  • Air Transport Intelligence  A subscription service with airline fleet data from Airclaims, airport information, a searchable archive offering access to ATI, Airline Business and Flight International, individual aircraft and fleet information, OAG passenger and cargo schedules, profiles of the leading industry manufacturers, suppliers and maintenance organisations.  Premium services include the Online Airline Product Database.
  • Airclaims  Providers of the commercial grade CASE aircraft database.  This MS Windows-based aviation database contains histories, accident data, technical data, hours and cycles, addresses, deliveries, storage information.
  • Aircraft Performance Database  Searchable database of performance information on general aviation aircraft in production during the past 40 years.
  • Airframes.org  A database of international aircraft registry data, including the unique 24bit ICAO24 aircraft address used in Mode-S and ADS-B.  Passenger airliners, cargo airplanes, business jets, helicopters, private aircraft, civil and military common registry data.
  • Airline Industry Update  A free-access commercial aviation directory with more than 6,000 contacts in 15 different categories, covering airlines, manufacturers, ground handling, MRO, and many more.  They also produce a business-to-business e-newsletter, and offer a current airline news headlines with links to news articles and press releases.
  • Airline Tarrif Publishing Co. Collection and distribution of airline fare and fare related information.
  • AirNav Free access to FAA data on airports and navigational aids.  Fast database searches of flight planning information.
  • AIRPAC Aviation Databases  Aviation databases of names, addresses, and other information on aircraft owners, pilots, aviation professionals, and businesses.
  • Airport Guide  Databases with airport information, airmen, approach plates, businesses, aircraft specs, navaids, instructors.
  • AlliedSignal Internet Database Update Service Download your AlliedSignal GPS databases via the Internet.
  • Australian GPS References  Database files suitable for the Waypoint+ program to upload to the Waypoint memory of GPS receivers.
  • AvData  Aviation Data Service Inc. is an independent research company which captures, analyzes, and disseminates data and information on the owners and operators of civil aircraft worldwide.  An example is their Jet & Propjet Corporate Aircraft Directory.
  • Aviation Black Book  A Canadian aviation database with over 1850 detailed aviation listings, including company name, address, phone number, fax number with hyperlinks to websites.  Purchase on CD-ROM.
  • AviationDB  A subscription service offering a large set of data accessible from either the Web site using SQL, or directly against the database from a user's own applications.  The relational database contains active airman, aircraft mechanics, medical examiners, domestic registered aircraft, service difficulty reports (SDRs), aviation accidents and incidents since 1983, domestic airports and related data, and licensed aircraft dealers.
  • Aviation Data Research  ADR provides a variety of software tools: AD searches by serial number for an individual aircraft, a relational database of PMA parts and holders, and Weight and Balance (track multiple configurations on a fleet of aircraft).
  • The Aviation DataBase  A complete regulatory library: ADs, TCs and FARs.
  • Aviation Marketplace Aviation databases (airline fleets and codes, airport codes, civil and military aircraft registers, airliner production), marketplace, links, events, airshows, gallery, shopping mall.
  • AvSoft Limited  Specialist aviation information and software providers with aircraft fleet information (database) products: HeliCAS covers helicopter fleet information, ACAS market information system for Windows, MiliCAS covering military fixed wing aircraft, the AVSiS safety event logging and management system.
  • AvSoft Limited [UK]  A provider of specialist aviation information and software.  AvSoft produces the ACAS and MiliCAS aircraft fleet information (database) products, HeliCAS helicopter fleet information, RotorMart, the AVSiS aircraft safety incident database that links to the AvShare safety data sharing system, Contact Manager, and Product Tracker.  These run on Windows based PCs or networks.  Also, Daily Alert, a daily incident email service.
  • BACK Aviation Solutions  This provider of information services offers worldwide traffic statistics, airline schedules, fleet information, financial statistics.
  • CompAir  Aviation Research Group/U.S., Inc. (ARG/US) and Business and Commercial Aviation (B&CA) Magazine offer the CompAir aircraft evaluation tool which compares the most popular turbine business aircraft on more than 168 measures, including performance, price, real world operating costs and dimensions.
  • Flight Data  Search FAA databases for N-numbers, airports (with current weather), airmen, FAA Examiners, medical examiners, mechanics, FARs.
  • The Flightsim Aviation Zone  Worldwide database with information about aircraft, airports, airlines, countries, time zones and ATC control zones.  In addition, several aviation glossaries such as aviation abbreviations, terms, definitions, meteorology and pronunciation.
  • Forecast International/DMS Provider of aerospace, defense, electronics, and power systems market intelligence.
  • Global Aerospace Database  Online or CD ROM search of over 7,000 aerospace, aviation, and defence companies.
  • Global Business Jet Yearbook  A pocket reference book for owners and operators of long-range business jets worldwide.  Contains information on airports, FBOs, charter operators, maintenance and completion centers, and more.  Also available online.
  • Globemaster US Military Aviation Database  U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard air bases, units, organizations, links, tail codes, abbreviations.
  • Handbook of Business Aviation in Europe  A pocket reference book for owners and operators of turbine helicopters, twin engine aircraft, and business jets throughout Europe. Also available online.  The printed edition is available to purchase, and the content can also be browsed on the website.  Comprehensive airport data, listing handlers and FBOs, based maintenance centres, and charter operators.  Over 2,000 airports online.  Browse through every turbine helicopter, fixed wing twin, and business jet type, with links to manufacturers, new aircraft sales representatives, maintenance and charter operators for each.  Over forty categories of services for aircraft owners and operators.
  • IATA Global Aviation Business Intelligence  IATA's subscription based online service that provides statistical information to professionals with an interest in the air transport industry.
  • International Registry of Mobile Assets  Created to support the international Cape Town Treaty that facilitates the cross-border financing and leasing of aircraft, helicopters, and aircraft engines.  The Registry allows approved users to electronically record international interests in aircraft objects, thereby establishing priority of interests.  All users (approved users and the general public) are permitted to search the International Registry to determine the priority of interest in particular assets.
  • Janes Information Information about defense, weaponry, civil aviation and transportation.  Publications, news, FAQs, products directories.
  • Jet Information Services, Inc.  The World Jet Inventory year end and quarterly database, CD's, and book of commercial jets with greater than 30 seats.  Presented in charts and tables of historical and current model/series inventories, stored aircraft, retirements, deliveries and orders.  The data also categorizes all types of operators and aircraft uses, and lists specific operator inventories.  A valuable resource for business planning or market research.
  • Low Approach.com  Aviation databases: 19,000 US airports, aviation/weather calculators, aircraft registration search.
  • MyAirplane.com  This site has a number of databases that provide useful information to visitors: NOAA Approach Plate Database, FAA Written Exam Prep, Aircraft Background Investigation, Aircraft Performance & Specifications, Homebuilt / Experimental Database, Translated METAR and Weather Center.
  • National Transportation Library - US DOT Library Online Contains documents and databases provided from throughout the transportation community.  All material is in the public domain or provided by the authors free of any restriction on reproduction.
  • OAGdata  OAG is a global content management company specialising in travel and transport.  Their expertise is in managing large amounts of data and building applications and products.  They are best known for their airline schedules database, which holds flight details for 1000 airlines and more than 3000 airports.
  • OAG MAX Online  Unlimited access to OAG's comprehensive schedules database for over 1000 airlines and 3,500 airports.  Access 12 months of planned flight data and 9 years of historical information.
  • Penguin Air  The Penguin Air Library family of products is a series of electronic aviation databases of frequently used flight and navigation information.
  • PerCon Corporation  A developer and publisher of government related databases on CD-ROM and online, specializing in FCC and FAA data.  Customers are the telecommunications, aviation, government, commercial, and hobby markets.  Databases include N-Number, dealers, frequencies, FIPS code.
  • Pyramid Media Group  A provider of print and electronic media for the business, travel, and aerospace markets: airline logos, fleets, aircraft encyclopedia, manufacturers, orders and deliveries, photos.
  • Spec 2000 Internet access system with manufacturer prices and lead times, repair capabilities, new and used surplus availability.
  • SRS - Schedule Reference System  The SRS airline schedules database contains schedules data on over 840 airlines, which represents over 99% of worldwide schedules, as well as 34,000 airline specific minimum connect time exceptions.  The database is continuously updated, with over 85% of the database being refreshed every week.
  • theAirDB  This project aims to collect information about airports, airlines, and connections world-wide.  View airport locations by country on maps, locations of airports served by airlines, news about airline connections added and dropped.
  • WFI Research Group A private military research group with extensive U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force incident databases.
  • World Airfleet  Real-time access to commercial aircraft fleet information, aircraft retail and market values, and industry intelligence.  Airline fleet analyses, financial results, records of aircraft orders, and aircraft accidents.
  • World Aviation Directory Advertiser listings searchable by company name, geographic location and/or product/service category.  More than 27,500 company listings, located in over 185 countries worldwide, over 95,000 products in more than 6,000 categories.
  • Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange Database of GPS coordinates for contest sites.


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